How to Know That Condenser Coil Got a Problem?

The condenser coil is an important segment that is a part of the outdoor unit and throw away the heat captured by the evaporator coil in the indoor unit. In order to have the system efficiently work all through the season, your condenser coil should work its best in order to maintain cooling mechanism run successfully. But if something is wrong with your condenser coil then it may affect the cooling mechanism. So here in this article, AC repair Doral service has stated few significant signs knowing of which you can determine whether your condenser coil is working efficiently or not.

AC is Blowing Warm Air

If ever you find that your AC system is blowing warm air and not cooling properly then it clearly indicates that it is due to the malfunctioning of the condenser coil as this condenser is majorly responsible for removing heat from the air and return the cooled air inside your homes. But if your system blows warm air then most probably your condenser coil is clogged up with dust and dirt and the air doesn’t get cooled properly. Also, do check upon the refrigerant level as sometimes due to refrigerant leaks, AC blows warm air.


If you notice that your air conditioner is not that efficient, in comparison to what it was working earlier then one of the most definite reasons would be that the condenser coil has met with an issue and has to be immediately get repaired as because when the AC system loses its efficiency then it will not be able to cool the home properly and causes disturbances and this mostly happens because of the damaged or malfunctioned condenser coil as the condenser coil is an important component and plays a major role in removing heat from the air and maintains the coolness inside the home.

So, keeping the condenser coil efficient is generally important in order to retain the cooling mechanism go successfully and any damage or the malfunctioning of the condenser coil could lead to the disturbance of the air conditioning mechanism and let you suffer from heat unnecessarily. So it’s what AC repair Doral generally suggests to its customers is that timely repairs and maintenance is quite important in order to retain the efficiency of the AC machine and not facing any kind of cooling issues all through the season.